Editing Group By's

To make any changes to a saved group by’s, follow these steps:

  1. Open the report with the group by you want to modify
  2. Click on the “Group by” button below the search box on the top left corner

  3. From the drop down menu that appears, select the pen icon (1st icon to the right of the group by) for the group by you’d like to modify
  4. In the “Group By” screen that appears, implement the changes to the group by definition. These changes may include:
    1. Changing the name of the group by
    2. Adding or modifying filters to the dataset
    3. Adding or modifying columns
    4. Modifying the data transformation for a selected column(s)
    5. Adding or modifying calculated metrics
  5. After implementing the changes, click on the purple “Save and Apply” button to save the group by. The Group By screen should then close automatically and you will see your changes reflected in the data display
  6. NOTE: If you should choose to make temporary changes to this saved group by, you can click on the purple “Save” button after making edits. This will show your changes reflected in the data display, but these changes are one time only. They will not be saved if you or someone else accesses that same group by. 
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