Key Stages of Onboarding


Welcome to the Sona Growth Platform! The onboarding process is currently structured into four key stages:

  1. Understanding your key business objectives
  2. Technical integration for setting up event tracking and data integrations
  3. Platform setup and data validation
  4. Platform usage training for you and your team

Phase 1: Identify Key Objectives and Priority Use Cases

Our entire onboarding process is designed to meet your key objectives and use cases for leveraging the Sona Growth Platform.

  • Goal: Learn about your business and define success outcomes for the onboarding process. 
  • Activities: Kickoff call to discuss strategic and tactical business goals.

Phase 2: Setup Event Tracking and Data Integrations

In this phase, we'll start off by working with you and your team to identify the best way to structure your marketing activity so it reflects how you optimize and measure performance. 

  • Goal: Ensure the datasets are connected and flowing into our platform. This will enable us to build a unified and enhanced dataset for the reports and dashboards that will subsequently get built out.
  • Activities: Work together to implement and configure the following:
    • Tracking for your on-site marketing activity
    • Data sources from our platform
    • Defining traffic source groupings into channel and sub-channel mappings 
    • Optional (as needed): Incorporate additional attribution data sources e.g. sales data.

Phase 3: Platform Setup & Data Validation

As we get to the platform setup, we'll leverage the data setup from Phase 2 to populate the various reports, dashboards, and charts for your organization. During the configuration, our team will complete multiple rounds of data validation and QA to ensure we are aligned with your internal data.

  • Goal: Deliver accurate and actionable dashboards to improve marketing ROI. The dashboards can be utilized for executive oversight, budget decisioning, tactical media optimization and more.
  • Activities
    • Build blended reports, charts and dashboards
    • Calls to review and audit dashboards
    • Modifications to polish dashboards

Phase 4: Team Onboarding & Training

The last stage of onboarding will be focused on setting up your team for success. 

  • Goal: Enable your team members to navigate and utilize the platform and dashboards without needing our oversight
  • Activities:
    • Training on how to utilize the Sona Growth Platform UI and reporting
    • Setting up automated actions
    • Navigating the multi-touch attribution data
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