The Sona Growth Platform is a customer data platform which allows you to ingest, combine and transform growth marketing data and to bring that data into the go-to-market tools that your sales and marketing teams already utilize. With our advanced attribution technology, we provide an important additional layer of data attributes which can significantly improve campaign performance. Using the Sona Growth Platform integration with, you will be able to define, sync, and automatically update data segments, to craft more personalized marketing campaigns, and to build meaningful relationships with your customers.

Integrate and Sona for Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Drive engagement and growth with omnichannel customer experiences from and Sona. Customer Profiles on the Sona Growth Platform bring together event tracking data and a range of customer data sources into a single, unified Facebook-like profile where you can build highly customized people-based segments for synchronization with segments.

To integrate the Sona Growth Platform and

    Make sure that you are logged in as an administrator on both your Sona and accounts.
    Starting from the left sidebar, click on Connectors ->  Pink + button ->
    In this "" screen, select your "Organization" from the drop-down menu, enter your information, select your region, and click "+ Add" to add a Workspace connection. You will find the Workspace details from your account so please reference that.

    Click "Save" to save the integration between and Sona.

Once saved, Sona will automatically sync your specified Workspaces into your Sona account. From there, you'll be able to create manual segments to send to those Workspaces.

Create a Manual Segment on

Once you have imported your data into the Sona Growth Platform, you can build people-based segments and connect those to segments on You have two options for configuring a manual segment on

    Connecting a Sona "Segment" with an existing manual "Segment". Expand the left sidebar on the Sona Platform, click on the "Segments" link under the "People" section. Locate the segment you wish to connect by checking the box to the left of it. Then click on "Actions" to the right of the search toolbox. Select “Connect Destination“ from the Actions drop-down menu that appears.
    On the “Connect Destination“ page that appears, select ““ as the destination. Then select the Customer IO segment from the list and adjust the mapping for the email address. Click “Save“ to trigger the connection between the two segments.
    Create a manual "Segment" on from the Sona Platform. If the segment is not in the list that appears, you have the option to create a new manual segment on In the "Connect Destination" screen that appeared, click on “Add Segment“ button above the "Mapping" field. You will then see the following screen:
    Provide the segment name, segment description(optional), identity and the workspace and then click "Apply" to save this new segment. When saving the new association, the new segment will be created on and the Sona segment will be associated with the new segment.

Notes: The association is made 1 to many from Sona segments to segments, meaning we can associate 1 Sona segment to multiple segments but one segment can be synced from only one Sona segment.

Update a manual "Segment" with data from a Sona "Segment"

Update a manual "Segment" by syncing data from a Sona "Segment". Synchronization of Sona "Segments" with manual "Segments" will work only for “User Id“ defined workspaces. 

How the Sona Growth Platform synchronizes data segments with

    During a synchronization, the Sona Growth Platform will go through all associations between Sona "Segments" and "Segments"
    All the customers associated with the "Segment" will first be removed
    Customers from the Sona "Segment" will be extracted based on an “Email address" mapping
    Customers from the Sona "Segment" that are not currently in will be added as new users in the "People" section of The attribute origin with value "sonalabs" will be set for the new users that were added by the Sona Growth Platform. Other users will not have this attribute.

    Following the addition of users from a Sona "Segment" into, an association will then be established for the newly added users and the corresponding "Segment"

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