Generating Source Reports: Ad Platforms

After you have connected your data sources to our platform, you will then be able to generate source reports to specify the exact dataset you want to use. 

Generating Source Reports: Ad Platforms

To generate a source report from an ad platform, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Source Data” within the “Reports” section of the left sidebar panel

  2. On the “Source Data” page, click on the "Media Platforms" tab in the top panel

  3. Click on the “Actions” button to the right of the search box near the top

  4. In the drop down that appears, select “New Platform Report”
  5. A pop-up should appear with the title of “New Platform Report.” Input the following to specify the platform report:

    1. Report Name - We’d suggest including the following information:
      1. Platform source name (ex: Google)
      2. Report type (ex: Campaign)
      3. Time period (ex: Jan 1 2021 to Date)
    2. Organization - By default
    3. Backfill Date - The starting date for this data report. If “One time report” is selected, you will also need to indicate the ending date for this data report via selecting the dates on the calendar widget that appears.
    4. One time report - Check this box if this is a one-time report. For example, you would like the data for a certain time period in the past, so there’s no need for the report to update. 
    5. Sync time - This is the time this data report will automatically update each day. Depending on the custom reports and charts you want to build with this data report, and the usual time you would like to view your latest stats, you could set this time accordingly.
    6. Platform - Select the platform you’d like to use from the drop-down menu.
    7. Report type - Select the report type you’d like to use for this platform report.
    8. Ad account - Select the ad account you’d like to use for this platform report. Note: You must have already connected your ad account(s) in order for them to appear in this drop-down menu list.
    9. Portfolios - Optional
    10. Campaigns - Optional depending on selected report type.
    11. Ad Group - Optional depending on selected report type.
    12. Keywords - Optional depending on selected report type.
  6. Click the purple “Save” button to save and generate the platform report.
  7. In the “Source Data” section and the “Media Platforms” tab, enter the report name in the search box and click Enter. You should see your report in the table below. If the report has a value of “Completed” in green under the “Status” column, that means that the report finished generating. Click the report name to open it.
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