Building Dashboards

A Dashboard contains and displays multiple Charts in a single view. Charts of a similar dataset or category are commonly grouped within the same Dashboard for ease of access. In order to build a dashboard, you must first build the Charts you want to be included. Afterwards, follow these steps to build a Dashboard:

  1. Click on “Dashboards” in the “Visualize” section on the left sidebar

  2. On the “Dashboards” page, click on the “Actions” button to the right of the search box

    Click on “Create dashboard” from the drop down menu

  3. In the “New Dashboard” window that appears, enter a name for the dashboard in the text box

  4. Click on the purple “Save” button to save the dashboard name
  5. You should now be directed to the actual dashboard layout. You will see the following text displayed in the center:
    1. “This is a new dashboard. You don't have any widgets yet! Use the toolbox to add a new widget.”
  6. Ensure that the slider to the right of the dashboard name in the top right corner is green with a “Edit” displayed. Locate the “Toolbox” widget on the dashboard

  7. Click on the “+” button in the “Toolbox” widget
  8. In the “New widget” window that appears, enter in the name of the Chart and click the purple “Save” button

  9. The Chart will then appear in the Dashboard layout

  10. To modify how the Chart is displayed in the Dashboard:
    1. To move: Click on the Chart to drag it to your desired location. You will see a gray shadow appear around the Chart in the area you are dragging the Chart from...this means you are currently selecting (holding) it to move
    2. To place: Release the Chart to place it at your desired location in the Dashboard layout
    3. To resize: Hover at the bottom right corner of the Chart, at the spot you see a darker gray arrow and you will see your mouse turn into a dragging icon. When that happens, drag using your mouse to adjust the size of the Chart. Release the mouse when you have reached your desired size
  11. Repeat steps 8-11 to add additional Charts in this Dashboard
  12. After you have finished adding the Charts, click on the green “Edit” slider in the top left corner, found at the right of the Dashboard name. This will exit the editing mode and save your changes in the Dashboard

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