Share Report, Chart, or Dashboard

You can share a report, chart, or dashboard link by following these steps:

Share link

  • If you have the item open, click on the paperclip icon to the right of the item name (and before the pin icon). You will see a green message box appear in the top right corner that says “Copied” to let you know you’ve copied the link. Paste and share this link with members of your organization who have access to the platform.

Share with a specific user

  • Locate the item in the list view. Then click the item to highlight it and select “Share” from the drop down menu of the “Actions” button. 

  • In the "Share Chart Link" screen that appears, select the user from the drop down menu and click the purple “Save” button to share the item. The user will receive an email notification with a link enclosed of the item shared.

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