Shopify Integration

The Sona Growth Platform is a customer data platform which allows you to ingest, combine and transform growth marketing data and to bring that data into the go-to-market tools that your sales and marketing teams already utilize. With our advanced attribution technology, we provide an important additional layer of data attributes which can significantly improve campaign performance. If your online store is powered by Shopify, you can use Sona's Shopify Integration to automatically set up your account.

Sona's integration with Shopify automatically tracks web traffic on your store. 

This article will provide step by step guidance on how to setup your Sona Advanced Attribution account for a Shopify store.

To connect to your Shopify from the Sona platform, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Connectors" icon in the "Accounts and Settings" section in the bottom of the left sidebar

  2. On the "Connectors" page, click on the pink "+" button and select "Shopify" from the drop down menu

  3. On the Connectors "Shopify" window that appears, enter your shop domain (everything before "") in the text box and click on the "Connect Account" button

  4. On the next screen, follow the instructions to authenticate your Shopify account
  5. Once you have authenticated your Shopify account, you will now see your account appear in the Shopify card on the "Connectors" page

  6. Note: Upon connecting your Shopify account, our platform will automatically pull the following custom reports from your account for further use. 
    1. Customers
    2. Orders
  7. You can access this data by clicking on "Source Data" in the "Reports" section on the left sidebar. On the Source Data page, click on "Shopify" in the top navigation panel. You will find the data in the "Shopify" page in the table list of reports on this page.
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