Tracking Setup: Basic

Please reference the Tracking Setup: Overview to setup the tracking settings first.

After you have successfully applied your configuration setup, select “Basic setup” if you want to only capture data for visitors who land on your pages. A pink outline should appear around the “Basic setup” box

  1. Copy the code in the gray box below this “Basic setup” selection by clicking on the purple “Copy to Clipboard” button.

  2. Follow the instructions on the page to copy the code to the <head> section of every page you want to track.
  3. After you’ve pasted the code to all of the pages you want to track, return to this page.
  4. In the light purple section at the bottom of the “Basic setup” page, add the URL’s of your pages into the “Check tracking code install” box and click “Check code.” Repeat this step for every page. You should see a “Success” message after clicking “Check code”.
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