Sona Labs Platform: Overview

The Sona Labs Platform is a customer data platform that combines advanced attribution, data unification, growth reporting, and then synchronizes that enhanced data across all of your go-to-market sales and marketing tools. Our platform features:

  • Data connectors - Connect, enhance, and synchronize all of your unified marketing data from our platform.
  • Advanced attribution - Track and understand the user journey from the first click to customer conversion using our tracking code implementation.
  • Data-driven personalization - Filter, define, and export custom data segments to your other tools for additional leverage and content personalization.
  • Reporting & analytics - Build reports, visualize charts and dashboards, and derive insights without requiring engineering assistance.

To get started, complete the following in order:

  • Setup tracking settings
  • Setup data connectors
  • Generate source reports
  • Setup user profiles (optional)
  • Setup conversion tracking (optional)
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