Importing from Google Sheets

Import a Google Sheets file

To import a Google Sheets file, first ensure that that file has been shared with the email address configured with your Google Sheets connection. This will be required in the "Identity" field of the setup below.Once imported, you will be able to use the report for creating reports and building charts and dashboards.

    Starting from the left sidebar, click on "Spreadsheets".
    Click on "Actions" and select "Import Spreadsheet" from the drop down menu.
    In the Spreadsheet Import screen that appears, select the following:
    • Identity - the email address associated with Google Sheets file 
    • Name - enter a name for this report (note: this can be different from the original Google Sheets file name 
    • Spreadsheets id - copy and paste this alphanumeric string from the URL of the Google Sheets file 
    • Sheet name - copy and paste the sheet name of the Google Sheets file  
    • Data range - enter the data range (columns) of the Google Sheets file  
    • Description - optional
    Click "Import Headers" for the system to fetch the column headers of the Google Sheets file.
    Once the column headers have been imported, select the value "Type" for each column
    Click "Save" to save the column definition and start the import.

Note: To access the completed Google Sheets import, search for the report name in the search box of the "Spreadsheets" page.

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